A brand new public opinion poll has found that Democrat President Joe Biden – more popularly known as Sleepy Joe and Empty Shelves Joe – is seeing his approval rating tank deeper and deeper, while his disapproval is climbing up.

At the same time, the GOP has the largest electoral lead over the Democrats since 1981 – based on the results of a new poll whose editions go back to the beginning of the Reagan Era.

Joe ‘The Electoral Disaster’ Biden

According to the results from the latest poll by ABC News and The Washington Post released on Sunday, Biden’s approval and disapproval have switched places in percentage terms between April and November – the former declined by 11 points while the latter went up by 11 points.

Thus, Sleepy Joe’s approval is now down to 41% - compared with 52%, according to the same poll in April.

His disapproval, on the other hand, is up to 53% compared with April’s figure of 42%.

The approval rating for Joe Biden of 41% is still higher than the 38% figure, according to a USA Today poll released last week but nevertheless shows a decisive steep and steady decline.

Much of the spiking disapproval and tanking approval of Empty Shelves Joe is due to the problems with the economy largely caused by the Biden administration as America is experiencing 31-year high inflation, still high unemployment numbers, and a horrendous supply chain crisis.

Thus, a whopping 70% of the respondents in the ABC News/Washington Post poll say that the US economy is in “bad shape”, which is 12% compared with the spring when 58% said the economy wasn’t doing ok.

To make matters worse for Empty Shelves Joe, a total of 48% of the respondents blamed him directly for the spiking inflation.

The poll found that Biden’s handling of the economy has only 39% approval, and a 55% disapproval rate, which is a decline of 6 points compared with September, and an overall big decline of 13 points compared with April.

Thus, Biden has a disproval rating on handling the economy which is 6 percentage points lower compared with that of President Donald Trump at about the same time in his presidency, namely, September 2017, based on the polls conducted by ABC News and The Washington Post.

Biggest Rout for the Democrats

The latest poll also spelled total electoral disaster on the party level: it found that if the next midterm elections were held today, a total of 51% of the registered voters would vote for the Republicans and only 41% for the Democrats.

The figure in question represents that the biggest lead for the Republicans over the Democratic Party in exactly 40 years, since November 1981, which was when the poll of ABC News and the Washington Post first began asking that question.

This is also just the 9th time in the 110 polls they’ve performed so far that the GOP has been ahead.

The only other time the Republicans had such a major advantage was in January 2002, under George W. Bush, when their lead was seven points.

The latest ABC/WP poll was held between November 7 and November 10, among a total of 1,001 adults, including a total of 882 registered voters, and has an error margin of 3.5 points.