As the wokeist administration of Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden is trying to resettle the whole Third World into the United States, American patriots have been shocked at the huge numbers of detained or “encountered” illegal immigrants from all over Latin America and the Caribbean that storm the US border every month.

Almost 1.75 million illegals have arrived since Biden ended up occupying the White House in January, and since May there has been a whopping average of 200,000 of them per month.

Of course, the number peaked at 213,000 in July, and has declined by a few thousand since then.

The figure in September was 192,000.

However, that does not mean that the number of illegals is going down even by a little bit, no, sir!

Border Patrol seriously understaffed

The figure in question is just those illegals who were “encountered” by Border Patrol agents, it is just the number of encounters.

There likely are many, many more illegals who are swarming the border and managing to get through without even being detained.

Of course, by now we know that nothing happens to those that get detained under the Biden administration – they just get released in the US interior, and actually get a free ride to various parts of the country where they are let go.

That is a nasty, perfidious tactic by the Biden team designed to dilute the problem.

Illegals are managing to get through unchecked for various reasons but it appears that one of the most shocking ones is that under Sleepy Joe and Kamala, the US Border Patrol is largely understaffed and lacks the manpower to cope even with the apprehensions.

This is proven by the fresh data from the Rio Grande Valley sector of the Southern Border where in just 24 hours on Friday, the Border Patrol “encountered” a total of whopping 1,909 illegal immigrants – and those were apprehended.

However, the Border Patrol sensors detected another 262 who just slipped through and couldn’t even be detained before ultimately getting released under the orders of the Biden wokeists.

The figures have been revealed to Fox News by a source from the Department of Homeland Security who told that the Border Patrol “simply” doesn’t have “enough manpower” to deal with the illegal immigration influx.

The Rio Grande sector of the border is among the most difficult ones, and it runs for a total of 316 miles starting at the Texas Gulf Coast.

Violent gang members are coming in

On top of everything, among the huge numbers of illegal immigrants making their way to the United States through that particular section of the Southern Border, over the past week Border Patrol agents caught there four members of the Mexican criminal gang MS-13.

President Donald Trump, among many others, has been warning that Central American countries and Mexico have been using the extremely insane pro-illegal immigration policies of the Biden administration in order to release from prison their hardened criminals and send them to America – and that is precisely what has been going on under Biden.

On top of everything, the Border Patrol appears to be seriously understaffed, and it is clear that a lot of known criminals from those countries are likely just slipping through.