On Saturday, the fifth and last day of her trip to France, Sleepy Joe’s veep Kamala Harris made another bizarre performance as she mixed talking high politics with the buying and show off pots in the street in Paris.

Kamala’s second foreign trip – a rather lavish, long tour in France – was designed to help mend the political fences between the French government of President Emmanuel Macron and the Biden administration – after the latter infamously screwed up the former out of a $66 billion submarine deal with Australia.

As Harris was strolling through Paris on Saturday with her husband Doug Emhoff, she was met by reporters as she walked out of a local shop.

Kamala began explaining how productive her trip has been and how it reaffirmed the essential and “strong” alliance between the United States and France.

Biden’s veep had a two-hour meeting with French leader Macron on Wednesday at the Elysee Palace.

She was then asked what she bought, at which point she showed off a bag of “pots”, with she and Emhoff laughing out loud at the purchase.

A reporter then shot out a question about the escalating tensions surrounding Russia and Ukraine as Putin’s regime has amassed some 100,000 on the Ukrainian border, with the US intelligence services last week warning America’s European allies to brace for a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine.

While holding onto her Paris pots, Kamala declared that she couldn’t talk about “classified information”.

However, she at least had the decency to express her concerns about the Russian – Ukrainian crisis which is at present coupled with a border illegal immigration crisis between Ukraine’s neighbor Belarus, the staunchest ally of Russia, and US ally and NATO member state Poland.

Prior to that, during a press conference in Paris, she also spoke about the situation on Poland – Belarus border, stating that the “eyes of the world” are on it.

Kamala has become the highest-ranking member of the Biden administration to visit France.

Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden did meet with Macron in order to try to repair the damage that he and his gang did when they formed the AUKUS alliance with Australia and the UK, leaving France out and enabling Australia to rescind its French submarine deal.

However, the Biden – Macron meeting was in the French Embassy in Rome, Italy, where both went for the summit of the G-20.

While Kamala had already set out on her trip to France, a poll by USA Today revealed that her approval rating stands at an abysmal 28% - thus practically dooming any potential 2024 vice presidential or presidential race ambitions on her part.