It seems the PR team of Senator Mark Kelly, a Democrat from Arizona, has not done its job properly.

At all!

Dr. Cadey Harrel, the founder of Agave Community Health and Wellness, is featured in an ad for Advancing Arizona, a nonprofit liberal organization that publicly supports Senator Kelly.

In January this year (not that long ago), dr. Harrel took to her Twitter account a not-so-nice view of white men, to which group Senator Kelly belongs, a white male, categorizing white men as the single greatest terrorist group in the country, also rambling about rubber guns, riots, tear gas, and white supremacy.

Well known racist

This is not the first time Dr. Harrel has expressed her extremist and racist views and shared them with the public.

Earlier she had attacked Doug Ducey, the governor of Arizona, emphasizing in a negative context his white skin color.

Harrel accused Ducey of mismanagement during the coronavirus pandemic, claiming he had blood on his hands and concluding Ducey would avoid being punished for his negligence because of his male gender and skin color.

After negative reactions to her racist outbursts against white males, Harrel locked her profile.

In an ad supporting Kelly, a very calm and prejudiceless Harrel, talks about retail politics on moderate healthcare policy, stating how Senator Kelly is fighting to reduce the cost of prescription drugs and reduce the cost of healthcare in general which can save the lives of her patients.

She concluded that she is fighting for her patients (obviously not white male patients) and Kelly is fighting for all of them.

Negative comments and calls to respond to these extremist attitudes stained with racial hatred by Dr. Harrel are growing stronger.

To date, Kelly has done nothing to distance himself from such statements by Harrel, which is not surprising given the Democrats are in full swing of “looking the other way” when they have extreme leftists or anti-white racists among their ranks, and they persistently call others for racism and extremism.

It is interesting to recall an operative in Governor Kelly’s campaign, filmed taking an active part in creating a spin on Glenn Youngkin, now the Governor of Virginia, during his gubernatorial campaign.

Kelly’s footsoldier was paid $20,000 to participate as a white supremacist in one of Youngkin’s events during the gubernatorial campaign.

Talk about hypocrisy!

Democrats are very afraid of the 2022 election and Kelly’s election weaknesses, and the inclusion of anti-white racists in the campaign does not help him, especially with suburban white voters who will be key to success in the 2022 election, against Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Blake Masters, a technology entrepreneur.

The reasons for the fear of failure are obvious considering Kelly’s dusty campaign and proponents of Kelly’s victory such as Harrel, a doctor, and racist, who does not hesitate to openly express her hatred of white men.

We just hope Kelly doesn’t need a doctor soon as he certainly wouldn’t do well with Dr. Harrel.