Small factions of Republicans in both the Senate and especially the House voted to pass the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden over the summer and the fall.

##Those who delivered a Biden victory

And while the Senate vote in August may have been one of political expediency and did not have to guarantee the adoption of the bill, the decisive vote was in the House earlier this month when a total of 13 GOP House members sides with Democrats to give Biden a big political victory which could have been denied.

The bill – which includes nearly $600 billion in new spending – was passed solely thanks to the Republican votes since the six far-left radicals from “the Squad” led by AOC voted against their own party.

President Donald Trump issued a statement on Saturday practically launching an all-out battle against what he described as “RINOs, sellouts and known losers” – referring to the 13 Republican House members who backed Biden’s infrastructure bill but also to some of the Senators.

Trump urged Republicans proper to challenge the RINOs (“Republican in Name Only) in GOP primaries.

He stated that the rescue of America starts with the rescue of the GOP from the RINOs in question.

Trump argued that Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski – whom he called “the Disaster from Alaska” – must be ousted, saying that there could be “almost nobody worse” than her.

He urged opposition and victory over the RINOs in the primaries for 11 House members, most of whom actually voted to support Empty Shelves Joe’s infrastructure bill in the House on November 5.

Some of the RINOs already quit politics

Those targeted by Trump are John Katko, Don Young, Tom Rice, Don Bacon, Andrew Garbarino, Fred Upton, Nancy Mace, David McKinley, Peter Meijer, Chris Smith, and Jaime Herrera Beutler.

The 45th President of the United States didn’t explain some details in his statement.

For instance, Meijer, Rice, and Herrera Beutler actually voted against the infrastructure bill while three other GOP House members – Brian Fitzpatrick, Nicole Malliotakis, and Jeff Van Drew – weren’t on his list even though voted in favor of Biden’s package.

In his statements, Trump noted that some of the RINOS – namely, Reps. Reed, Gonzales, and Kinzinger – have “already quit” politics, while “warmonger Liz Cheney” of Wyoming, who will be trying to preserve her seat, has an approval rating of only 19%.

POTUS 45 already lambasted severely the 13 House Republicans who helped make the giant infrastructure bill happen for Sleepy Joe Biden.

At a dinner of the National GOP Congressional Committee last Monday, he ripped them in a long speech, while one of those in question, Maliotakis, was present and left “visibly shaken,” according to reports.