The co-founder of Black Lives Matter in New York, Hank Newsome, dramatically left an interview with Fox News on Saturday night after refusing to answer a question about the violence and riots committed by his group BLM.

During the interview, host Don Bongino asked Newsom about his views on BLM protests in recent years, which are often linked to violence but also asked about threats he made to New York Mayor-elect Eric Adams, saying new policing laws will cause bloodshed and riots.

Adams announced the re-establishment of NYPDs anti-crime units after the increase in violence on the streets of New York, saying it is necessary to return a sense of security on the streets to the residents of New York.

In his response, Newsom indicated there will be new riots if the mayor-elect of New York does not cooperate with BLM and their requirements, openly threatening with violence.

On Saturday night, Bognino, a former Secret Service agent and NYPD officer, asked Newsome if he condemns the burning of buildings and riots, to which Newsom said he neither condemns nor justifies, but he expressed his understanding of violence and anger when a police officer unjustifiably kills someone.

Newsome quoted Dr. King saying the riots represent the voice of the unheard.

Comparing BLM to 9/11

Dissatisfied with his answer, Bognino asked him if his attitude is cowardly, adding he is talking a lot of junk and doesn’t want to answer any “damn” questions directly, urging him to clearly and loudly condemn the burning of buildings and violence.

Newsome responded by insanely comparing the U.S. government’s response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks to violence by the BLM.

Namely, Newsome asked the host a counter-question whether the U.S. government dealt with Osama bin Laden’s terrorist actions peacefully after 9/11, apparently comparing terrorist attacks and the deaths of thousands of people, with isolated police incidents.

Bognino warned Newsom again he was not answering the question, characterizing his behavior as cowardly, to which Newsome, visibly annoyed and upset, left the interview.

Direct threats

Newsome was invited to give an interview after he made several indirect threats to the mayor-elect in front of Brooklyn Borough Hall on Wednesday.

The BLM leader stated how in case Adams implements the announced plans to re-establish plainclothes police units, disbanded in 2020, people will take the streets again and there would be bloodshed, riots, and fire.

This is not his first controversial statement.

He had previously called out the U.S. government for terrorism, saying they were plundering other countries, and regarding Adams ’announcements of establishing anti-crime units, he commented how “no Gestapo would harm his people and everyone should prepare for the worst.”