Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden on Monday night held a virtual summit with Communist China’s President Xi Jinping – and expectedly got played as he kept preaching for peaceful competition between the two nations while his Commie counterpart was just paying lip services to that but did get him to declare that America doesn’t support an independent Taiwan.

To top it all off, at the start of the online meeting, Xi “trolled” Sleepy Joe by referring to him as “an old friend”, The Daily Mail reported.

That was clearly designed to sting Sleepy Joe who has previously denied that the two of them could be friends even though they “know each other very well”, and has described the meetings they have had over the years as “pure business”.

Biden’s obnoxious press secretary Jen Psaki has also rejected speculations that her boss and the Chinese communist leader could be “old friends”.

The history of their meetings goes back to August 2011 when Sleepy Joe was Obama’s veep, and Xi known for his uncanny resemblance to Winnie the Pooh, was the First Secretary of Chinese Communist Party.

‘Candid and straightforward’ blah-blah-blah

During their virtual summit, Biden kept reiterating wishful-thinking formulas about having a “simple, straightforward competition” between the US and Commie China, predated by a “candid and forthright discussion.”

He also called for setting “common-sense guardrails” on “vital global issues” such as “climate change.”

As Sleepy Joe was parroting empty diplomatic phrases, it appears that China got one main big thing out of the meeting – while Biden got nothing major.

As part of the summit, the Chinese side did get Sleepy Joe to agree with see that the United States will not support the independence of Taiwan, also known as the Republic of China, the democratic self-ruling island allied informally with the US, which the Commies in Beijing claim as their territory.

The declarations made by Sleepy Joe in favor of continuing America’s “One-China” policy play to Beijing’s favor because they come after in recent weeks, Xi heightened tensions around Taiwan to their hottest since the 1950s by sending entire fleets of bomber and fighter jets in the Taiwanese air zone.

Sleepy Joe Gets Schooled by the Commie

Chinese state media were quick to report that during the virtual summit Xi practically scolded Biden by warning him not to encourage Taiwan’s independence because that would mean “playing with fire.”

Xi also stated that some in the US seem to want to use Taiwan “to control China”, which he described as “very dangerous”, as cited by the state-owned Xinhua news agency.

According to the readout of the White House, these warnings or even threats by Xi were far less significant, with Biden supposedly pushing back against the Commie’s aggressive posturing with respect to Taiwan.

The White House made it clear he stated the US is strongly opposed to “unilateral efforts” which would “change the status quo”.

The most important outcome of the meeting, however, remains that Biden affirmed that America is keeping its “One China” policy, and thus isn’t prepared to recognize Taiwan’s independence.

So Xi got what he wanted out of the summit – after weeks and months of staging provocations against US ally Taiwan – not to mention other US allies in the region such as Japan.

And Sleepy Joe – well, he got scolded by the Commies.