Cori Bush, a democratic representative has faced serious backlash on social media for her tweet in which she claimed that a group of white supremacists, hidden from view, shot at her during the 2014 march in Ferguson Missouri, following the death of Michael Brown Jr.

She stated that the supposed group hid behind a nearby hill and fired shots at the protesters, which does seem completely odd given that it never made the news, nor did any of the attendees of the march, Cori included, ever file a police report regarding the shooting.

She continued to add that the shooters never faced consequences and made a massive reach, trying to analogize her „terrifying experience” to the Rittenhouse incident, adding if Rittenhouse gets acquitted, those people would feel they can get away with it too.

This can of worms begins with Bush’s initial idea that Michael Brown Jr. was murdered, with fact checks clearly showing that Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren knowingly ignored the evidence provided by the Justice Department and accused police officer Darren Wilson of murder.

The evidence showed that the credible witnesses testified reluctantly, out of fear of a reprise and ultimately the charges were dropped after a comprehensive report by the justice department.

Twitter can see Cori’s throne of lies

Naturally, with lies being a progressive’s strongest tool, Twitter users were not happy with Cori’s attempt to provoke violence and looting with her tweet, as many of them vocalized their displeasure with the idea that a sitting congresswoman is a liar.

Chris Barron, a political strategist urged for the censorship of Cori Bush, adding that the only reason she is still allowed to tweet this kind of nonsense is the GOP congress members’ lack of resolve to fight the left on these matters.

Ellen Carmichael, a political writer, wondered whether Jussie Smollett, a black actor who tried to jump into the spotlight by lying that he was attacked by „MAGA-hat wearing white supremacists”, was also marching with Bush.

Lastly, Matt Walsh, a columnist for the Daily Wire, added that the reason the shooters never did and never will face consequences is that they never existed, to begin with, stating that Cori’s tweet is an attempt at the incitement of violence.

These kinds of lies are always piloted by the left, as calling them out on it just makes their brainwashed army of followers turn on whoever refused to accept the said lie as absolute and undeniable truth.