In a notable blow to a Democratic Party that’s already in public disarray and heading for a humiliating defeat in the 2022 midterms, a state representative in Texas has switched sides from the Democrats to the Republican Party.

Texas state Rep. Ryan Guillen has justified the move with the absolutely monstrous policies of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden and the Democratic Party – including the promotion of unbridled illegal immigration to settle America with Third World people, and the defund the police movement, which is wreaking havoc in cities and towns across the nation.

And who can blame Guillen for jump parties?

His outrage is completely justified – as is the outrage of countless of other Americans who care about this country, this republic, and this democracy even a tiny bit.

Democratic Party is ‘disastrous’

Ryan Guillen is a representative in the Texas legislature for House District 31.

He made the announcement that he is now a Republican on Monday in a press conference in the presence of Texas Governor Greg Abbott and House Speaker Dade Phelan, both of them Republicans.

Guillen’s switch technically isn’t effective immediately – instead, he will be seeking reelection in 2022 for his same seat in South Texas but as a Republican.

The state representative declared that the values of most Texans aren’t the “values” of “those in Washington.”

He declared that the border immigration crisis, defund the police, and the destruction of the American oil and gas industry are just “disastrous” for the people of South Texas.

Guillen emphasized that he has always been pro-business, pro-life and fiscally conservative, and that those values aren’t present in the Democratic Party anymore – which is why he will be running “proudly” as a Republican to rep House District 31.

He did admit also that his electoral district is now much more favorable to the Republican Party after GOP gains in South Texas and redistricting.

Dems’ ‘sore loser’ reaction

During Guillen’s press conference, Texas’ popular Republican Governor, Greg Abbott, emphasized that the fact that the representative in question “is really a Republican” has been “the worst kept secret” of the Texas Capitol in Austin.

He congratulated Guillen, who has served in the Texas House for nearly 20 years and was reelected by almost 17 last year, for finally coming out “out of the closet”.

Gilberto Hinojosa, the Texas Democratic Party chairman, made some pathetic comments in response, accusing Guillen of “selling his soul” as well as “selling out South Texas.”

He even claimed that the devastating blow was a positive development since it would “clear the field” for “a real Democrat” to run for Guillen’s seat.

Appeasing the radical leftist extremists

Meanwhile, Dee Duncan, the President of the Republican State Leadership Committee, declared in a statement that Texas are clearly “fed up with” the Democrats’ failures – and Guillen’s switch is further testimony to that, after earlier this month, John Lujan, a Republican, won a vote in a Hispanic-majority district.

Duncan added that today’s Democratic Party is too busy “appeasing” the fringe radicals on the far left, so much so that even Democratic elected officials can no longer support their extremist agenda.

Nothing to add to that.