In a recent data insight, The Secret Service has shown the staggering amount of money president Joe Biden’s joyrides to his Delaware home have cost, all covered by good old trusty taxpayer cash.

Namely, the amount in question makes the entire Trump presidency’s secret service costs pale in comparison, with Joe racking up $1.96 million just in 2021, over the course of 16 trips to his and his wife’s resort in The First State, with 9 still unaccounted for.

Expert analysis shows that these 9 additional trips could round out the secret service’s expenses to around $3 million.

Currently, the expenses have only accounted for hotels and rental cars used by the secret service’s agents, with the president’s actual transport costs still remaining shrouded in mystery, but one could form a picture in their head once they know the Air Force 1 costs $100,000 to operate for a single hour, not to mention the amount of carbon it releases into the atmosphere that our „green” president is working ever so hard to protect.

Although the president tries his best to appear to the everyday American man by doing his best impression of one, not many Americans can boast that they are flown out to their little nook in Delaware every week for a small 2-day vacation.

In fact, it’s actually quite odd for a man whose sole purpose is to govern a country, to take a carefree weekend off enjoying bike rides with his wife and dog as often as Biden does.

$100,000 per hour to fly Biden out to his resort

The White House has refused to disclose information on the president’s visitor log at his Delaware residence but senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer are known to have held legislative talks with Biden on the premises.

How long can Biden keep taking weekends off and ignoring the impending economic chaos unfolding in this country is a question not many could answer correctly, but time will show American people just how little resolve and motivation to fix America’s problems joe Biden really has.

The travel costs aren’t the only ones blowing up the expenses, with the DHS recently revealing that half a million dollars have been allocated to building a fence around the president’s Wilmington home, despite his statement that he refuses to finish Trump’s border wall which could’ve prevented immigration from reaching record highs.

As usual, the left’s main tools are denial, diversion, and downplaying of an issue that might, later on, prove to have been a turning point regarding the matter.

One such example is Joe Biden’s constant rambling about fighting climate change that goes head to head with his constant cross-country airplane trips that release more carbon into the atmosphere than numerous families could in a lifetime.