One of the most “fun” things to watch in today’s regrettable political landscape in America is when the modern-day American Marxism is ridden with internal rifts on who’s more “wokeist” and more “transgenderist” over who.

The whole thing would be let-me-get-the-popcorn hilarious, had it not been such a plague doing irreparable damage to the well-being, the spirit, and the cohesion of the grand American nation.

Marxist wokeism crumbles under the weight of its lies

Everybody knows by now the vicious narrative aggressively propagated by the Marxists: white people are evil, white men are eviler, and non-gay white men are the evilest beings of all – they are barely humans – and just about all other people have angel wings and halos but have been oppressed and tortured by the straight white male beasts for all eternity – up until now when Sleepy Joe the Incompetent occupied the White House and AOC entered Congress.

This giant monstrous lie apart, the real fun begins when it turns out that the wokeist-transgenderist continuum of modern-day Marxism is ripe with all kinds of conflicts, rifts, and intra-Marxist hatreds.

For instance, full-fledged transgenderists are now cracking down on once-revolutionary old-school feminists, black people are assaulting Asian-Americans over the COVID-19 pandemic, Hispanics refuse to be associated with the BLM agendas, black women get outraged when seeing a white trans woman’s penis at an LA spa, and so on, and so forth.

When stuff like that happen, the wokeist-transgenderist Marxist “elite” determining the mainstream media and social media propaganda has no idea how to react and is typically making it worse as it finds itself having to “prioritize” some wokeism-transgenderism groups over others who also qualify as such.

A fresh example of the ridiculous intra-Marxism contradicts that kill the entire woke-trans narrative – not that it isn’t DOA anyway! – Boston’s new Asian-American, “person of color” and female mayor, Michelle Wu, has turned out not to be enough of a “person of color”.

That is according to the NPR, the taxpayer-funded vile far-left propaganda hotbed, which might be one of the most disgraceful institutions in the history of the United States of America.

How much of a “person of color” are you supposed to be to make wokeists happy?!

In a recent tweet, NPR basically declared that Wu is “a disappointment” because she isn’t black – plain and simple.

The more precise wording was that Wu, an Asian, disappoints because she “beat out three black candidates”, including Boston’s incumbent acting Mayor, Kim Janey.

The ridiculous NPR assessment came just as on Tuesday Michelle Wu assumed office as the 55th Mayor of the city of Boston.

The intra-Marxist backlash to NPR’s funny “Michelle-Wu-isn’t-black-enough” tweet among the social media foot soldiers of wokeism that followed forced the so-called “National Public Radio” to delete the post.

It published a new tweet saying that the original one had “misrepresented the story”.

However, the link shared remained the same – it is to an article on NPR’s website whose title declares that Boston will have to “wait longer” to elect a “black mayor”.

The “the-more-black-you-are-the-better” article features quotes of residents of Boston who aren’t happy that Wu got elected for no other reason than her race and skin color.