“Defund the police”, the worst possible policy that anybody can think of for a diverse nation with potentially numerous fault lines, has already brought havoc in Democrat-run cities and towns across the United States.

The dire consequences are already a reality in just months, barely a year, since the 2020 death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minneapolis, used by far-leftist radicals in order to force the horrifying policy upon those American communities weak enough to let it happen.

“Defund the police” is nothing but a disgrace against law, order, democracy, and freedom.

It works simply: its wokeist proponents vote Democrat wokeists in office who put it in place.

It then severely damages the ability of law enforcement to prevent and punish crime.

Then those same “constituents” take advantage of that by starting to loot, riot, and terrorize others with impunity, usually on the grounds of anti-white racism.

How to ‘Refund the Police’

The state of Washington, whose urban politics has been dominated by abject liberal leftists, has been one of the top victims of that hellish Defund the Police movement.

Now, however, a Republican from the state has come up with an antidote to that in order to try to repair much of the damage done to the people of Washington State: a “Refund the Police” initiative.

Reagan Dunn, who is the Vice Chairman of the King County Council, told Fox News that the taxpayers living in the suburbs have been “on the hook” over the “failed policies” of the city of Seattle as far as law enforcement is concerned.

With a population of 2.3 million, King County is the most populous in Washington State, and one of the three counties of the Seattle-Tacoma metropolitan area.

Dunn emphasized that the large city isn’t taking seriously its responsibility to protect the public, which is why he argued that the other communities need to step in.

He said that his initiative “Refund the Police” is going to build back an enormous number of police personnel and some specialized police units.

His plan provides for allocating a total of $14.4 million from the supplemental budget of the county to rectify the funding deficit of its Sheriff’s office, thus allowing it to provide for law and order in “unincorporated areas”.

Sticking it to the Democrats with a proposal they can’t reject

Dunn is only one of the two Republican members of the county council, and, while he says negotiations for his initiative would be difficult, he is optimistic, especially since his plan will provide $830,000 for a five-member hate and bias unit – which should make his Democrat colleagues happy.

The inventive Republican says that he’s putting the Democrats on the county “in a tough spot very deliberately” because if they oppose his plan that would mean voting against a hate crimes unit.

Dunn argued that law enforcement in Washington State needs to go back to basics with “community policing” on the ground, which is what works.