Democrat President Joe Biden might well end up being just the worst president in the history of the United States of America.

The post has seen some major screw-ups in the past – especially in the 19th century – but there haven’t been that many of them, or else the United States wouldn’t have become the greatest country and power in the world.

Sure, what matters most are the talents and the hard work of the American people but executive leadership is also extremely important.

Under Sleepy Joe, however, there is none of that – and quite expectedly so, for those who were even remotely familiar with his persona and who are even remotely aware of the sick, overwhelmingly Marxist agenda of the modern-day Democratic Party.

Although, to be fair, that isn’t exactly right – Empty Shelves Joe does provide leadership.

It is the leadership in blunders and leadership of failures, catastrophes, fiascos, and abject incompetence.

There just isn’t anybody who’s “better” than him in those areas – of course, maybe his good-for-nothing veep Kamala but let’s hope that she never, in any way, gets the chance to demonstrate that she’s ever worse than Joe.


With Biden already nicknamed Sleepy Joe – originally by President Donald Trump, Empty Shelves Joe by all experiencing his supply chain shortages, Kabul Joe most recently by protesters in New Hampshire – as well as Joe Brandon by a NBC sports reporter – all of those are a fair though still insufficient reflection of the catastrophes that he’s brought upon his own country.

Even the powerful propaganda machine of the far left has been powerless to stop the wildfire-type spread of Biden’s truthful nicknames.

In fact, the Brandon one came precisely out of an attempt to censor the “F**k Joe Biden” chants of audiences at sporting events.

Nonetheless, Biden’s truly incompetent press secretary Jen Psaki has just made a pathetic attempt to control the narrative in the nickname field by declaring that President Brandon is known among his staff as “Sheriff Joe”, allegedly “for a reason”, and the reason is because is very “focused”.


You’ve got to be having a good laugh, right?

So are we! Biden – focused?!

The man who can barely blurt out a whole sentence without making speech gaffes, pauses, and contradictory thoughts.

And “Sheriff Joe”?!

Psaki was writing her little play over there, and a pretty bad one at that.

Poopy Pretender

Needless to say, her attempt to use “Sheriff Joe” as a way to drown out all the really truthful nicknames of the incompetent Joe Brandon.

Reactions on social media ranged from outrage to total ridicule of both Biden and his subordinate.

Some users wrote that “Sheriff Joe Biden” actually means “Share, ‘F Joe Biden”.

Others reacted by writing that Biden is a “poopy pretender”, “Sir Shitsalot”, “Creepy Joe Biden”.

Those – as everything else – are pretty self-explanatory, and stimulated even more by Psaki’s abject attempt to try to drown them out.