Large groups of Mexican migrants were photographed on top of an 18-wheeler on their way to the U.S. as a result of the cleaning of migrant camps carried out by Mexican police.

The photos also show migrants climbing on large tractor tires, men, women, and children, and most of them are carrying only backpacks and bags while the caravan is moving through the state of Veracruz in southern Mexico towards the USA.

Sleepy Joe simply doesn’t care

President Biden faces the results of his botched border policies in the middle of a government crisis, all whilst facing the lowest support rate (Politico / Morning Consult poll shows that only 40% of voters think Biden’s health is good enough to continue his term) as the US struggles to manage large numbers of migrants on our southern border.

According to data published by the Washington Post, between October 2020 and September 2021, the United States “detained” over 1.7 million migrants along the border with Mexico.

Those numbers are the highest since the mid-1980s.

Addressing the public at a press conference on the adoption of his infrastructural Build Back Better Plan, Biden vehemently defended cash benefits to families separated during Trump’s “Zero Tolerance” policy.

However, when asked why he kept Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, he said the court forced him to do so, meaning - it would be much worse if the sanity completely left this country.

Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy is requiring asylum seekers to stay in Mexico until a U.S. court rules on their asylum application.

Biden’s indecision over border and asylum policy has led to an increase in the number of migrants in border towns and migrant camps, not to mention gold-mine opportunities many drug cartels are using and will continue to use all thanks to Sleepy Joe’s incapability to do his job.

The situation in one of Tijuana’s camps is particularly worrying as the camp interferes with the daily functioning of the border since large tents block the entrance for all those who are legally trying to enter the US.

On October 29, there were 769 migrants in the camp, mostly Mexicans, 1/3 Hondurans, and some Guatemalans and migrants from El Salvador.

Of the total number, more than 40% are children.

One of them is a 23-year-old woman from Guatemala, Olga Galicia, who has been with her sons aged 1 and 3 in a camp in Tijuana for 6 months and says she will stay until she finds out how she can get asylum in the USA.

All thanks to Brandon’s “Welcome” policies…

Montserrat Caballero, the mayor of Tijuana, said city officials would not forcibly remove migrants from the border but would turn to the National Guard of Mexico to prevent the reopening of new camps in Tijuana.

Nice job, Brandon!