Reading the title, many of you will be quick to think this is just some random shot at defaming New York’s mayor Adams, because why would the mayor of a city infamous for its high violent crime and drug-related crime rates be bringing a bag of marijuana onto live television, but it’s just something that simply happened it seems.

Namely, Adams made an appearance on Trump hater Stephen Colbert’s Late Show, lamenting that „New York has become so boring” and making a promise to its citizens to resurrect New York’s reputation as a nightlife city.

Stephen Colbert, the man whose show’s popularity depended on throwing insults at former president Donald Trump, then asked Adams about his recent showings at a lavish nightclub in NY called „Zero Bond”, after which he responded that it is his duty as mayor to test out the nightlife in his city, even adding that he will continue to go bar hopping and clubbing to help show the world the energy and diversity of New York.

Eric then argued that if one wants to be out with the boys at night, they should be ready to get up with the men in the morning, bolstering that he wakes up at 5 AM for work every morning.

During the appearance, Eric presented Stephen with a bag of gifts, containing his „Get Stuff Done NYC” shirt, and a bag of marijuana and rolling paper, jokingly adding that he can’t hand him those on live TV, but they’ll do it backstage.

Democrat mayor refuses to defund the police, libs will just have to stay mad

It seems to be a recurring pattern with democrat politicians to flaunt their support of the devil’s lettuce in media as if the people who smoke the stuff all day long even bother to go vote for them to begin with.

The audience seemed to have loved Adams for his charisma, with some of them even stating that he is a „genuinely funny” and likable guy, but despite the legality of the drug in NY, flashing it around in media while also trying to uphold the image of a respectable politician may have been the wrong move.

Adams may not be all that bad as despite being a democrat though, as he showed his unique perspective of his previous job as a police officer, adding that he will continue to support the police, so long as they do not abuse their position to inflict pain on innocent civilians.

He continued, stating that the ecosystem of public safety is flawed and requires substantial change, but assured that a partnership between the police and the community is possible.

Adams continues to be a democratic beacon of hope for Republicans, as he recently criticized other members of his party for not speaking out against the head of BLM Hawk Newsome when he called for violence and bloodshed in the streets of New York if Adams continues his policing plans.