That kind of situation is going to be absolutely hilarious if it presents itself: Sleepy Joe Biden, the abject, incompetent, leftist radical Democrat President, getting rid of his just as incompetent or even more so, good-for-nothing veep Kamala Harris.

Although in that case it will be rough for America because the American public is certainly going to miss that horrific hyena-like chuckle that Kamala gives out when she doesn’t know what to say – which is about every time a reporter asks her a question, even if the reporter is from the hugely friendly mainstream media lefty propaganda machines.

How to get rid of Kamala?

The possibility that Empty Shelves Joe might replace Kamala has been reported by Fox News anchor Jesse Watters.

According to Watters, Chad Pergram, the Fox News correspondent on Capitol Hill, has heard “whispers” that there will soon be confirmation hearings, high-profile ones, at the House of Representatives.

Watters says this is a big deal because the House normally doesn’t confirm regular nominees, only nominees for Vice President.

According to the Fox News host, it is an open secret that Kamala has run out of favor with the Biden team.

The latest public opinion poll by USA Today found that while Kabul Joe’s approval rating is at a disgraceful 38%, Kamala’s is at an abysmal 28%.

Pergram himself declared that he recently received a message from a Capitol Hill insider who told him that he should “familiarize” himself with the process used when a vice president vacancy has to be confirmed in both chambers of Congress.

The revelation by Watters and Pergram comes right after on Sunday, CNN published an article on its website about Kamala’s “frustrating start” as veep, which quoted almost three dozen officials from the White House and Harris’ own officer.

Very few of those quoted as sources had anything good to say about poor, misguided, and incompetent Kamala.

One passage in the article in particular mentions a rumor that Sleepy Joe might try to replace his precious “first female, first black, and many other firsts” veep by nominating her for the Supreme Court.

Exiling Kamala by packing the court?

A similar report has been published by The Daily Mail which called Kamala’s potential Supreme Court appointment “a backdoor method” for getting rid of her as vice president.

Exiling Kamala to the Supreme Court, while still an outlandish possibility, would be possible if the Democrats decide to attempt the long-coveted by some leftists “packing” of the court with liberal justices.

The idea, however, is too risky and too toxic – so much so that even ardent Communist Sen. Bernie Sanders has warned that if the Democratic Party “packs” the court, the Republicans will do the same thing when they get in power.