A former US Soldier, discharged due to brain injury, tried taking matters into his own hands once his family was trapped in Afghanistan due to the Biden-caused Taliban fallout that happened in the country.

The former staff sergeant, of Afghani descent, traveled from the states to Pakistan in an attempt to communicate with the US embassy there and allow his family and other Afghans with special immigrant visas a safe escape from the war-torn country.

He stated that after hours of begging he felt embarrassed that a US citizen was not even allowed to enter on US soil, let alone discuss evacuating his loved ones from a terroristic regime.

After numerous phone calls, demanding an audience with the embassy’s officials, he had given up, feeling backstabbed by the government.

The man’s identity remained anonymous as means of protecting him and his family from Taliban attacks or threats.

Biden’s hurried evacuation leaves allies dead in the water

His reports grant an insight into the situation at the Pakistan border, which is crawling with terrorists affiliated with the Taliban, al-Qaeda, and ISIS, further increasing the suffering of those who were trying to escape Afghanistan.

These people, all of them U.S. citizens or green card holders are forced to go through numerous checkpoints before even reaching the border, only to be met with disappointment once they realize that the only people who can help them are not willing to.

With the Pakistani border officials being prone to bribe, even those who pay their way in are quickly deported back to Afghanistan, straight into the hands of the Taliban who they were running away from, to begin with.

The former soldier slammed the US State Department for bragging about the „help” they have offered to Afghan allies, stating that they’re not helping anyone and that they’re even leaving US citizens dead in the water.

The unnamed man stated that he has helped almost 30 Afghan allies escape the terrorist ridden country by illegally crossing the border, but couldn’t help his family of six as they would have to pass 2 dozen Taliban checkpoints unnoticed, putting their lives in great danger due to his work with the US military as well as his niece’s journalist pieces criticizing the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

This is only one of many families left for dead by the Biden administration which refused to evacuate those at risk of being targeted by terrorist groups now ruling the country.