If one manages to set aside for a moment the fact that the Democratic Party and the Sleepy Joe ‘Brandon’ administration is inflicting horrendous damage on the people, freedom, and democracy of the United States of America, all the Democrat infighting, squabbles, and internal rifts would be a really fun thing to watch.

Nice Democrat infighting

Sure, the more radicalized portions of the Democrat left seem to be winning, or at least the most vocal of all – but at the same time, there are those in the Democratic Party who do recognize how toxic the progressivists in particular truly are.

So much so that this isn’t true just for the dwindling ranks of the Democrat moderates: even the very radical hags running the administration of the senile old man in the White House from time to time get overwhelmed by the toxicity of the group of six deranged Communist dead-enders in the House of Representatives known as “the Squad” – as in a “murder squad” or “firing squad” – and led by vicious New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The “Squad” has particularly disappointed the Biden administration as its vile Commies have felt so empowered that they voted to try to kill Empty Shelves Joe’s $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill – and nearly succeeded.

The infrastructure law would have been dead, had it not been saved by 13 RINOs (“Republicans in Name Only”) who supported it.

Evidently, that has exacerbated the already chaotic and really bitter internal fighting within the Democratic Party.

So much so that Sleepy Joe “the President” has refused to allow Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, a vicious anti-American Muslim and one of the six Squad members, to get on board of an Air Force One to Detroit – precisely because she voted against his beloved infrastructure bill, according to a report by The Daily Mail, which cites an anonymous White House official.

Joe didn’t invite her but thanked her

Tlaib was mentioned by Biden in remarks that he delivered at a factory of General Motors in Detroit, which produces electric vehicles, but she didn’t get to ride on the President’s aircraft.

Interestingly, invitations to the event were reserved to members of Congress who did vote in support of the infrastructure bill but Tlaib was presented at the event nonetheless.

To make the show really worth it, even though she wasn’t invited and didn’t fly on Air Force One – Sleepy Joe sought her out in the crowd and thanked her “for the passport into the city” which is her “district”.

In fact, Tlaib was the first one to be thanked by Biden, after which he went on to praise each one from the Michigan congressional delegation.

Two of the thirteen Republicans who voted for the infrastructure bill are actually from Michigan.

A confused Sleepy Joe’s snubbing of the vile Muslim Squad member – at least with respect to the invite and the Air Force One ride, if not the public praise – comes to expose the worries by Democratic strategists that the party is increasingly perceived as being too wokeist – and will therefore likely get a big pounding in the 2022 midterm elections.