With a recent tweet of his blowing up on social media, Paul Gosar found himself in a lot of trouble when the House censured him due to the video’s graphic content, some of it portraying him as the hero who murders the villain whose face was swapped with Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez’s.

The video in question is an edit of a popular Japanese cartoon titled “Attack on Titan”, which depicts a group of outnumbered humans using their wits to defend against the relentless attacks of giant humanoid monsters the show calls „titans”.

Following Gosar’s censure, and due to him being an avid Trump supporter who fought for overturning the 2020 election, Trump released a letter of endorsement, stating that Gosar is a highly respected congressman who fights for the veterans’ rights, lower taxes, and the great second amendment.

Kevin McCarthy jumped to Gosar’s defense last Thursday as well, stating that Arizona could be looking at a brighter future should Republicans retake House in 2022.

Currently, the House Minority Leader is under a lot of pressure to sanction those who used „violent” rhetoric in their agendas, but McCarthy shrugged it off, even defending Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene who was formerly stripped of her assignments due to alleged antisemitic and islamophobic comments.

Fighting for American values and virtues

Gosar even exercises the 2nd amendment in the animated cartoon edit, depicted as a futuristic-sword-wielding warrior equipped with hydraulic powered maneuvering gear, zooming through the air before attacking the colossal creature with AOC’s face superimposed onto it.

A bit of political banter never hurt anyone and the video shows many other politicians, republican and democrat alike, facing off in battle, but Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t keep her emotions to herself, who claimed the video to be inciting violence and plainly unacceptable for a congressman to share on social media.

Gosar lost the censure vote 223-207 but he never stopped defending the post, adding that it was a symbolic cartoon showing a battle between lawful and unlawful policies and is not much worse than the stuff the left peddles out into the media.

Jokingly, Gosar spoke in the third person, stating that it is not real life and „Congressman Gosar cannot fly”.

Following the vote, Gosar remained unrepentant, even posting the video once again to his Twitter account by retweeting a post by conservative podcaster Elijah Schaffer, which was later removed as well