With numerous cities restoring funding to their currently understaffed police departments, Portland was the latest to join the battle, restoring a third of the budget taken away from the police in wake of the 2020 BLM protests calling for a defunding of the police force.

This comes on the wings of Portland reaching sky-high murder rates unseen since the 1980s, with the new record being set this year with 67 homicides.

The city’s officials have issued numerous statements, with Mayor Ted Wheeler saying that it is his duty to provide the city of Portland with a better crisis response team.

The protests that caused the defunding went on for nights, with hundreds of people marching the city streets demanding justice for the death of convicted criminal George Floyd, all because he was killed by a white cop.

In June of 2020, the Portland city council and the mayor caved into these hilarious demands, removing $15 million from the police budget, and with the covid crisis’ impact on the economy, another $12 million were cut as well.

With these cuts, Portland disbanded its school resource officers, transit police, and gun violence reduction teams, inevitably causing the homicide spike that we are seeing in 2021, as the police face its greatest staffing shortage seen in the last 50 years.

Recovering the police force

City leaders are working overtime on plans of recovering the police force’s decimated ranks with the addition of formerly retired officers, as nearly 150 people have left Portland’s bureau over the past year.

Other left-leaning cities seem to have come to their senses, as Portland isn’t the only predominantly liberal city restoring funding to the police, with even LA and NY following the trend, despite hosting some of the largest BLM protests, all caused by murder rates soaring to massive heights.

The „defund the police” seems to be just another liberal agenda using the BLM supporters as puppets to push it, as most of the protesters don’t even belong to communities with high crime rates.

In fact, those residing in these high-risk communities have never stated that they wish to remove the police force altogether, but rather just called for better policing, and the protests brought them nothing but trouble, with Portland’s communities of color facing the brunt of the impact caused by the increase of gun violence in the city.

The wave of homicides isn’t exclusive to Portland, with the numbers rising 30% in just a year nationwide, showing a clear connection between the baseless protests and the increase in violent crime.

Liberal city officials have used the police reform to push their own agendas, with Portland’s City Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty creating Portland Street Response, a non-violent policing organization, that responds to non-emergency calls for people experiencing a crisis, comprised of a paramedic, a mental health professional, and a peer support specialist, which seems to just be a glorified medic team.