The entire world has been bewildered for 10 months now at the sight of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden exhibiting constantly various signs of senility and likely even dementia.

Those have made America the laughing stock of the rest of the world, and Americans are shocked and embarrassed by how a person in such condition has ended up in the White House.

Could they have declared him unfit for office?!

Never mind any of that, though.

Because as far as Sleepy Joe Biden’s personal physician is concerned – and as far as the full medical examination that he just performed on the senile 78-year-old, all is good: Empty Shelves Joe is “fit for office”, and exhibits “no signs” of a neurological disorder.

Or is it possible that the physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, is pretending this to be the case?

And should we, the American public, pretend to believe him?

And what are the Democrats, or, more specifically, the gang of Biden caretakers, going to do if – which probably is the case – Sleepy Joe is actually unfit for office?

Be honest about it and declare it to the world?!

And deal a horrifying blow to themselves, the Democratic Party and their beloved Marxism, while slapping a horrible stain on America on their own behalf??!

Of course, Dr. O’Connor will tell us that the now 79-year-old walking cause of the gigantic illegal immigration crisis, the Afghanistan apocalypse, the failed tackling of the COVID-19 pandemic, the supply chain collapse, and the skyrocketing inflation is just fine.

It would just be nice if at least he believes himself.

Or not, who cares.

Nothing else but a charade could be expected from such a controlled, internal, inside medical check-up anyway.

Of course, the charade of Biden undergoing that “routine medical exam” flavored with a “colonoscopy” and an “extremely detailed neurologic exam” had the added “benefit” of seeing America technically being run for a few hours by no other than Kamala Harris, Biden’s even less popular veep.

Think about it.

The first time ever a woman was technically POTUS, it was the lovely, marvelous Kamala!

What a disgrace for the ages!

To make the charade more convincing, Dr. O’Connor – who is Biden’s longtime personal physician – actually went through the trouble of authoring a six-page memo to explain how wonderfully health and “fit for office” Sleepy Joe just is!

He’s just probably the fittest a person can be for the office of the President of the United States, we’re taking the doc’s word for it.

Great 6-page memo

Naturally, the doctor’s memo was immediately and happily released by Biden’s obnoxious press secretary Jen Psaki as the most objective confirmation in the world that her senile boss is the healthiest president in the history of the United States.

Of course, to make the charade more realistic, his doc did address some of the publically discussed and rather obvious problems with Biden’s health – namely, Sleepy Joe’s increasing coughing, throat clearing, and stiffer gait – which could be a symptom of neurological conditions such as a stroke.

Dr. O’Conner said Biden’s frequent throat clearing is caused by gastroesophageal reflux, which also contributes to his cough and sinus congestion.

The doctor also attributed Sleepy Joe’s “being stiffer in the mornings” to numerous orthopedic and sports injuries that he has had over the years.

So, America, rest assured that you are in good hands – the hands of Biden’s caretakers and that the Democrat President’s great health might as well be a charade which you are expected to pretend to believe – regardless of what you and the rest of the world can see and hear with your own eyes and ears.