Once Rittenhouse was in the clear, the liberal crowd went for the justice system instead

America’s democrats seem to have experienced quite the emotional reaction regarding Rittenhouse’s acquittal, so much so that they resorted to false claims, smears and even disrespecting the American judicial system.

Cori Bush, a democratic representative claimed that the judge, the jury, and the defendant were all white supremacists, arguing that the system was built to oppress black and brown folks while letting white „murderers” walk free.

The rest of the left didn’t seem to diverge too far from Cori’s ideas, with NYC’s violently liberal mayor Bill DeBlasio calling Rittenhouse a „violent and dangerous man” that allegedly took a gun across state lines and started shooting people.

The fact that Kyle Rittenhouse didn’t bring a gun across state lines was proven back in October of 2020 by courtroom testimony, and yet, influential politicians and media personalities continue to spread lies to their thousands or millions of followers.

Prog. „Squad” leader Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez stated that the system was working as designed and that it was protecting those designed to protect, with her 13 million Twitter followers seething in rage at the judicial system that did nothing but make the right decision.

However, president Joe Biden seems to have finally done one thing properly and clashed with all of his democratic peers stating last Friday that he stands with the jury’s decision and that everyone should also abide by it.

This comes as a great surprise, especially given Joe Bidens volatile claims that Rittenhouse was a white supremacist, during his 2020 campaign with Kamala Harris.

It appears that Biden has finally caught up with his bad reputation in the country and is willing to be deemed a turncoat by his followers, with the added benefit of gaining some support from the conservative side.

George Takei’s attempt at internet relevance at the cost of smearing an innocent young man Politicians aren’t the only ones taking up social justice, with Hollywood jumping on the bandwagon as famous STAR TREK actor George Takei stated that justice was denied with the Rittenhouse trial, adding that the „system defeated true justice”.

This isn’t Takei’s first stab at the Rittenhouse case, as his previous tweets show that he was opinionated very early on, claiming that Rittenhouse is a terrorist back in November 2020, nearly a year before the trial.

Naturally, all of these claims against Kyle fall on the deaf ears of those adhering to the facts, as numerous investigations into his social media footprint and history have shown no connection to any supremacist or „extremist” groups that could even hint at the nature of the incident.

Rittenhouse’s acquittal may seem absurd in the enraged eyes of the left, but those using facts and common sense rather than their feelings will know that justice has already been served.