Last Friday, security footage released by the police investigating the case, showed numerous suspects storming into and looting a store in Chicago’s Chatham neighborhood.

The men can be seen rummaging through the shelves, while one suspect remained on the counter as a lookout and possibly orchestrator of the entire robbery.

With thousands of dollars in stolen property and damages, the store owner can do nothing but hope his insurance policy will be able to cover it, as the police failed to identify a single of the 12 suspects appearing in the video.

These store lootings have become commonplace in the past month, there being at least 7 of them throughout this November, with most of them happening in the city’s upper-class neighborhoods.

Chicago’s alderman, democrat George Cardenas stated that the city is currently undergoing a „crime pandemic” pointing at a horrifying murder rate that is up 3% on last year and a whopping 59% in 2019.

The crime rate’s rapid increase comes as a great surprise especially given that Chicago’s newly appointed Police Superintendent David Brown „promised” to lower the murder rate during his mandate as superintendent.

Sadly, only the opposite has happened, with Chicago seeing over 4,000 people shot and nearly 2,000 cars stolen only during 2021.

Lori Lightfoot is unwilling to accept past mistakes

Cardenas has called for the replacement of Brown, but the city’s mayor Lightfoot has refused the offer, possibly under great bias due to the fact that she appointed him to the position, claiming that the main root of Chicago’s crime problem is the coronavirus pandemic, adding that she believes Cardenas’ statement lacks an appreciation for the complexities of public safety.

Lightfoot continued, assuring that had the solution to crime been easy they would have solved it long ago, but this might fall on the deaf ears of those who know for a fact that republican states have a drastically lower crime rate while also having much more lax gun laws, allowing for one to defend themselves or their property should they have to.

As Chicago continues to be struck with robberies left and right, other surrounding cities suffer too, with Oakbrook, a small city west of Chicago witnessing a robbery of a Louis Vuitton store, with the damages being estimated to be $100,000 in luxury merchandise.

Much like the Chicago looting incident, this one was also conducted by a large group of upwards of a dozen men working together.