Following China’s latest hypersonic missile tests in July 2021, the Pentagon was left baffled with the demonstrated power, with the missile reaching speeds 5 times greater than the speed of sound, a feat which the current US military technology can only dream of achieving.

The glide vehicle, designed to fly in low orbit and avoid nuclear missile detection systems, is based on a soviet-era concept of a missile harnessing the earth’s gravitational pull to achieve a nearly infinite range of fire.

Experts at DARPA have yet to fully grasp the concept and cannot provide any form of explanation as to how China managed to pull off such a technological wonder.

The missile’s purpose is currently unknown, and despite China’s claims that the vehicle is, in fact, intended for civilian transport, numerous other missile tests the communist country has conducted in the recent past would make anyone wonder.

The US and Russia have both been delving into hypersonic missile exploration and development over the previous years, but reports have shown that China’s technology is nearly a decade ahead, raising even more concerns in regard to the US’s safety.

A national security spokesman stated that everyone seeking peace and stability in this world should be concerned, as China’s firepower could prove to be destructive on a worldwide scale, especially with recent satellite images showing hundreds of new nuclear missile silos being built in China’s desert area.

The US is a decade behind with much less to catch up

China’s orbital bombardment system (based on the soviet FOBS one) would allow them to bypass all of the US’s missile defenses, with the rocket being able to fly across the south pole and the defense system only having protocols designed for missiles arriving from the north pole.

The US military has reported that it aims to quadruple the number of warheads in the country’s possession, but with each of China’s rockets being able to carry upwards of 4 warheads, the 1000 warheads the states would have could prove to not be enough.

A Chinese embassy spokesman claimed that China isn’t willing to go into an arms race with anyone, trying to assure that the „allegations” of highly advanced hypersonic missiles are nothing more but the US giving the world a just cause for its own arms expansion.

General David Thompson, vice-chief of space operations spoke up on the matter, admitting that the US is leaps behind the communist giant and that a lot of catching up needs to be done if we wish to stay in the game.