It is just unbelievable how much politicians of the Marxist-Communist or just overall leftist persuasion lose any touch with reality, decency, and common sense.

The Marxist superiority complex

There seems to be a despairing level of pathological conceit associated with being a lefty and a Marxist – that you are on the right side of history, that you are entitled to defining reality; that you can simultaneously portray yourself as a great protected of the masses and ardently despise them; and that you can just bend everything according to your own agenda.

The Marxists have this air of superiority – totally undeserved because the only thing they do deserve is to be on the garbage pile of history, their rightful place – which gives them the confidence of being entitled to a free pass on any transgressions, blunders, or excesses.

They just think they should be able to get away with anything – just because they are so right, so just, and so great.

Keeping that in mind, it is just shocking how “inconsiderate” such leftists can be given what an emphasis they tend to place on liberal-leftist political correctness and “not hurting people’s feelings” (except those of white people and especially white men).

This much was just demonstrated by Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, a Democrat from New York, who may have started as an old-school liberal but is increasingly being bent to the pressure of vicious progressivists of the AOC type.

Promoting infrastructure bill with Waukesha terrorist attack

In a Twitter post that he sent out shortly after the horrifying terrorist attack by a wokeist who plowed through a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Schumer viciously used the terrorism crime in order to promote the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden!

The infrastructure package was recently passed by the House with the votes of some RINOs, after the Senate passed it in August.

In any case, it is completely unbelievable that the Democratic Party would use the terrorist attack in Waukesha in order to push a piece of legislation with a giant price tag – which isn’t even remotely related to policing, law enforcement, domestic intelligence, or counter-terrorism.

More specifically, Schumer wrote that “we mourn” those whose lives were lost on the occasion of the Road Traffic Victims Remembrance Day, and that the “infrastructure bill… provides historic funding” to make America’s street safer and save lives.

The tweet was deleted just seven minutes after its posting. However, it was captured by Politwoops and by conservative commentator Ian Miles Cheong, both of whom shared it immediately.

Subsequently, the House Majority Leader – or whoever is managing his official Twitter account – replaced the shocking tweet with one stating that “we’re praying” for the victims “of the horrific violence” in Waukesha.

That seems like a quite a save for Chuck.