Following his recent successes in court, regarding the Zervos and Cohen lawsuits, Trump has received an award fit for a fighter of his caliber as the South-Korean president of taekwondo handed him his honorary black belt and kimono.

The belt poses as a status symbol of the greatest level of martial art attainable by professional martial artists, with the president, Lee Dong-Seop stating that he had previously heard of Donald Trump’s interest in taekwondo.

The visit was set up by a South Korean resident in the states, and Trump showed his gratitude for the act, stating that it is his pleasure and honor to receive such an honorary certificate.

He went as far as vowing to wear the belt and the accompanying clothing in congress when he returns to the White House, hinting at his second run for president in 2024, which will definitely bring joy to many from the conservative crowd.

Trump shows support for recently acquitted Rittenhouse

The former president’s wall was seen to be decorated with numerous photographs taken during his presidency, including those from his visit to England where he and the former 1st lady Melania Trump met with the Queen.

The centerpiece of this wall appears to be a photograph of Trump waving as he boards the iconic Air Force One, reminiscing the heartbreaking event of his departure from the White House as Frank Sinatra’s „My Way“ played on in the background.

The award puts the former president on the same martial arts rank as Russian president Vladimir Putin, who received his prize the same way Trump did, except Putin received his 8 years earlier, during a 2013visit to South Korea.

Being the crowned fighter he now officially is, Trump congratulated Kyle Rittenhouse for his court victory, in spite of all the pressure that was put on him by the left-leaning media.

Trump then called for a fundraising campaign, urging his followers and supporters to donate to the online WinRed platform in hopes of preventing these acts of slander against innocent young men and women of America.

Rittenhouse was freed of all charges last Friday, and the court decision was massively polarizing, with the left turning to smear the teen and the judicial system as a whole by declaring the decision a miscarriage of justice.