Wokeist imbeciles making up the stormtroopers, both figuratively and literally, of the vicious anti-American far-left propaganda that’s gone rampant since Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden occupied the White House have declared all things American to be “racist” and “evil”.

Only a totally naïve fool would believe that all of that is just something other than just vicious anti-white racism.

Anti-white racism wants to rid America of the Teddy Roosevelt

One of the biggest pieces of evidence that the wokeists don’t actually “mean well” and don’t seek to fight racism but instead seek to perpetuate it and exacerbate racial tensions and divisions in the American city instead of erasing them is their totally nasty attitude towards great American historical figures and heroes, who, whether directly or indirectly, helped get rid of slavery and boost tolerance and acceptance of non-white cultures – starting with the founding fathers such as George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, going through Abraham Lincoln, and all the way to Theodore Roosevelt.

What a disgrace and insult is all of that not just for America, not just to genuine anti-racism – to the extent that there is any left today, but also to truth, history, and basic human decency!

One of the most ridiculous allegations of wokeists in that regard – although they all fall into the “most ridiculous” category – is that the wonderful statue of President Theodore Roosevelt together with a Native American man and a black African man which has stood outside the American Museum of Natural History in NYC somehow symbolizes “racism”.

Of course, any objective, fair-minded individual of at least average intelligence can easily perceive the meaning of the statue – and that it is actually the opposite of “racism”, it’s about the unity of human races and openness to other cultures as exemplified by Teddy Roosevelts travels and explorations.

But, hey, there is no arguing with anti-white racist wokeists.

They’d rip you to pieces no matter your skin color unless you agree with them (that’s the only way in which they are anti-racist – they’d crush and silence dissidents regardless of who they are).

While the Equestrian TR statue from the American Museum of Natural History clearly isn’t appreciated in an increasingly wokeist, and deplorably so, NYC, luckily, there are still parts of the United States of America that are patriotic, open, honest, and fair to history and its true meaning.

Thus, the wonderful work of art is going to have a new home in Republican-leaning North Dakota, where it will be decorating the entrance of the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library.

The library in Medora, North Dakota, is set to be opened in 2026, and it has just announced an agreement with NYC for a long-term loan.

‘Fitting Home’

In a statement, NYC’s Deputy Mayor for Housing and Development, Vicki Been, announced that the city is “grateful” to the Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library because it has proposed “a fitting new home” for the statue.

If this statement sounds funny to you, it is because it is indeed funny, in both senses of the word.

It demonstrates the conundrum that Democrat officials find themselves into thanks to wokeist extremists.

It seems as though the NYC leadership wouldn’t want to deal with stupid cr*p such as having to remove a statue – so they are relieved that a “fitting” “solution” has been found.

Of course, places plagued by wokeism tend to lose big from it – and not just when it is allowed to defund their police, causing crime to skyrocket – but also in cultural and historical terms.

In his case, New York City is going to lose big-time from snatching the statue away from the American Museum of Natural History – the landmark will be incomplete without it – but, hey, all the residents and guests of the Big Apple from all across the nation and all around the world have only the wokeists to blame for that.