Critical race theory, one of the most vicious subsections of Marxism and wokeism, has apparently been around for a while, and has already poisoned American youth, not just on college campuses but also in K-12 education.

For quite a while, its propagandists have managed to keep it hidden but in 2020 and especially in 2021 it blew wide open – and it’s lucky that it did since it is still not too late to stop it from dissolving the national identity of the American nation.

Some good schooling for CNN on CRT

This is precisely what has been expressed by Winsome Sears, a Republican who was recently elected as the first black and the first female Lt. Governor of the state of Virginia.

The likes of Sears are infuriating for the radicalizing Democrat left since, by virtue of being both black and Republican, or even a black woman who is a Republican, such brave Americans defy the most basic tenets of Democratic wokeism, which claims all people of color in America, especially if they are female, as its obedient voting subjects.

Speaking in an interview with CNN, Sears shut down the far-left propagandist network, which has been denying that critical race theory, which is the epitome of anti-white racism, has been made its way into high school, middle school, and elementary school curriculums across the nation.

On Sunday morning, Sears was quizzed by Dana Bash on CNN’s State of the Union, with the anchor declaring at one point that CRT isn’t being taught in schools.

“No, no, no,” Sears interjected, adding, “It is part of the curriculum,” thus forcing Bash to shut up.

‘Semantics – but it’s weaved in!’

Virginia’s new Lt. Governor – who has previously served on the state’s board of education – then described the situation even more precisely by stating that critical race theory is “weaved in and out” of the school curriculum.

She recalled that back in 2015, Democrat Governor of Virginia, Terry McAuliffe, who had just been defeated (and was also defeated earlier this month by Republican Glenn Youngkin), declared that the state board of education “had information on how to teach” CRT, which is “it’s weaved in.”

“It’s semantics,” – Lt. Gov. Sears said – “but it’s weaved in.”

The newly elected official added further that what she and governor-elect Youngkin are saying with respect the teaching of history is that the “all history must be taught” because if we don’t learn from it, we keep “repeating the same mistakes”.

She emphasized that Youngkin has promised Virginians an education system that would “represent all people.”

Sears even wondered when exactly education became a “bad word” among black Americans, and also vowed that Virginia is going to have a good system of public education, and she will be among those who see that through.

Virginia’s Lt. Gov.-elect declared that it was education that lifted out of poverty her father who arrived to the United States with only $1.75 in his pocket.