The US president Joe Biden had his first medical exam the other day, and with his past actions, many could argue the test should’ve come way sooner.

Nonetheless, the 79-year-old president was examined by Kevin C. O’ Connor, the president’s physician, with the examination involving consultations with a dozen other specialists ranging from dentists to gastroenterologists.

O’Connor has stated in a memo that Biden is fit for duty, only pointing out a few minor health issues that should be commonplace for a man of his age.

O’Connor’s first observation was regarding the president’s cough, and through detailed analysis and testing, it was found that the cough stems from gastroesophageal reflux that the president is experiencing, irritating his throat.

This could be caused by many things, including stress, which Biden has plenty of given his rapidly declining support percentage, which is currently sitting at 40%.

The other health issue was the president’s stiff gait, which was discovered to be caused by significant spinal arthritis, and partially by the foot fracture that he suffered last year.

Biden called a press conference attendee a „Lying Dog-Faced Pony Soldier“

However, many will notice that one key piece of information is missing, and that would be the cognitive assessment test, which was even conducted on Trump due to heavy demand from the public which argued that his „mean” tweets are rooted in his „mental instability”.

Even Dr. Gupta, CNN’s Chief Medical correspondent was confused as to why the test was missing, especially due to the president’s commonly slurred speech and bouts of anger.

He continued, stating that these cognitive tests, like the one Trump, had taken (and passed) are done regularly on people much younger than the president, and that he cannot understand why this important procedure was left out.

It really makes one wonder why the president who has previously forgotten where he currently is, shouted nonsensical insults like „Lying dog-faced pony soldier” at his press conference-goers or even cussing at some of them, was never prompted to do a cognitive ability test.

With all the coverups surrounding him, including those regarding his children and their own opinions of him, it is very clear that someone didn’t want the test conducted.

If Trump’s explosive personality and social media presence were enough to have him branded a lunatic, Biden has long since earned the right to be called that.