Joe Biden’s administration has stated in a recent press conference that the president is likely to run for office a second time despite all the worrisome factors surrounding his health, as well as his terrible approval rating.

While some democrats don’t really care who runs, because they are somehow convinced anyone could beat Donald Trump should he run again, a whopping 37% think that Joe Biden should not be their next choice.

Biden’s approval rating is sitting at a miserable 40% at the moment and is showing no signs of approval, especially given his lack of resolve during the Jinping conference in which he failed to stand for the lives of the people oppressed by communist China in the region and wider.

Sadly, Biden has stated that he will definitely do everything in his power to run in 2024, but his health makes it hard for him to walk in 2021 even, so time will tell.

Does anyone believe in Joe Biden anymore?

Despite being one of Biden’s top donors during his 2020 campaign, Florida Lawyer John Morgan has shown concerns for the president’s health, especially given that he is in his 79th year, making him the US’s oldest president to date.

Morgan stated that Biden’s health is a large variable in his presidency and his potential future campaign, adding that America’s mortality rates per age could be the best demonstration of the direness of the situation.

His first medical checkup as the president went fine though, with the doctor stating that his continuous cough is caused by acid reflux, while his stiff walk is potentially caused by significant spinal arthritis, not uncommon for a man of his age.

The majority of Biden’s supporters, those worried for his health and those worried for the country’s health, believe that Biden should move aside for Harris in 2024, with only 24% stating that Biden should seek a second term.

Regardless of whether Biden runs in 2024, he will have left a substantial mark on the country, with the $1.1 trillion infrastructural bill, that will put a dent in the country’s economy and an Afghanistan pullout that left hundreds of thousands of innocent men, women, and children in the hands of terrorists.

With democrats shuffling around as the question of the next president pops up in everyone’s minds, Harris and Buttigieg seem to be everyone’s first choices, especially with Harris’ current role as heir to the throne should Biden step down.

Numerous reports have surfaced that Harris is being misused as a president, but she has since refuted those claims.