Sky is the limit for the impudence of the nasty Marxist-Communist extremists from the wokeist “Squad” of the Democratic Party – it is just unbelievable that such vile haters of America who only wish its total destruction are allowed and elected to the United States Congress.

‘Absolutely insane’

This was blatantly demonstrated by two of the six “Squad-ers”, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) both of whom had the cheek to make insane demands for the abolishing of prisons and bail.

And all of that just a day after Darrell Brooks Jr, a hardened criminal released on tiny bail, massacred five and injured 48 people by deliberately ramming his SUV into a crowd at the Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin.

Brooks had been released on a $10,000 bail two days before the attack.

To top it all off, the criminal who has been charged 16 times since 1999, was facing two outstanding cases, including a case in which he tried to run down a woman on purpose.

Instead of denouncing the criminal and his heinous crime, AOC and Rashida set out to terrorize the good people of the United States of America with their vicious wokeist impudence.

On Monday, both of them caused outrage on social media – AOC by questioning “excessive bail” imposed by New York City prosecutors, and Rashida by touting her backing for a law to empty federal prison in 10 years.

The totally nuts wokeist that she is, on Monday AOC went against any common sense to announce that she, together with two other Democrat members of Congress, Carolyn Maloney and Jamie Raskin, is seeking more information about prosecutors using “excessive bail” in the court system of New York City.

In a letter, three nasty Democrats wrote that the usage of “excessive bail” is leading to a “humanitarian crisis” in the jail system of New York City, especially on Rikers Island.

They say that 14 people have died so far in 2021 while being in the custody of the NYC Department of Correction.

The three wokeists threaten “federal intervention” to protect the detainees from harm.

AOC’s initiative caused outrage even among non-right-wing Americans, with one such voter saying on Twitter that “this is absolutely insane”, while others described it as “irresponsible” and “tone deaf”, with countless reminding of the Waukesha assault as the product of precisely “non-excessive” bail.

‘Abject stupidity’

At the same time, Rashida Tlaib went even further by appearing on Axios on HBO where she supported the wokeist so-called BREATHE Act put forth by her and another Squad-er, Ayanna Presley of Massachusetts.

It provides for rescinding the “three-strike” law”, the 1994 crime bill, abolishing life sentences and minimum sentencing laws, and closing all federal prisons – and of course centers for the detention of immigrants.

When asked by the interviewer if she is considering the “downsides” of letting violent criminals loose, Rashida outrageously claimed that those in prison are “mentally ill” and people with “substance abuse problems”.

She also outraged users on Twitter, leaving them in shock, with many wondering why “victims” are ignored, or whether Rashida and AOC are deliberately sabotaging the Democratic Party for the next election with “this stroke of abject stupidity.”

They aren’t those.

The likes of AOC and Rashida want to destroy America and are attempting any way they can to do it.

Including by letting murderers and rapists loose, or by at least shocking and demoralizing the American public.