California’s wokeist Democrat Governor, Gavin Newsom, has reached new levels of hypocrisy that are too high even for his own duplicitous Marxist self, as he has vowed to get tough on rampant mass “smash-and-grab” crime attacks after he personally helped adopt a “misdemeanor” law allows petty criminals to loot with impunity.

The San Francisco Bay Area has been seized by rampant, post-apocalyptic “smash-and-grab” crimes in which gangs made up of dozens of young criminals are bursting into shopping malls and luxury brand stores and snatching whatever they can get their hands on.

Newsom caused the diseases and now claims to be fighting its symptoms

America has truly become the land of lawlessness.

Well, not America per se, just those wretched part of the country who have elected and/or allowed to be governed by disgusting, anti-American wokeists from the Democratic Party.

Newsom, who served as Mayor of San Francisco from 2004 until 2011, and as California’s Lt. Gov. from 2011 until 2019, has been a giant part of the problem that’s now reaching apocalyptic proportions.

And yet, in September, the voters in California missed the chance to recall him – and that will mostly likely come back to bite them pretty bad.

In fact, as visible from the shocking smash-and-grab hits posted on social media, it already is.

Back in 2014, the state of California introduced the infamous Proposition 47, a law approved by the voters, which prevented prosecutors from charting people with felonies over offenses such as shoplifting, receiving stolen property, or grand theft.

This left those stealing items worth less than $950 with misdemeanor charges.

Critics say this increased a feeling of impunity now culminating into rampant retail theft run through organized crime networks which sell the stolen items on the black market, the so called “fencing.”

Over the summer, Newsom signed into a law a bill to supposedly tackle organized retail theft, which prosecutors can now once again charge as either a felony, or a misdemeanor – if the theft is meant to procure goods for black market sale.

On Monday, Newsom vowed “exponential level of support” in California’s state budget in order to help major cities fight retail theft ring – after he and other Democrats spent years working to create the problem that has now completely gotten out of hand.

The wokeist governor claimed that as of Monday retailers and shoppers will see more police patrols, after he met with representatives of the former group over the weekend.

Shocking large-scare organized retail theft attacks

For a third day in a row the wokeism-dominated city of San Francisco was hit by shocking looting, as a gang of some 40-50 teens smashed glass cases at a Sam’s Jewelers store in Hayward’s Southland Mall at about 5:30 pm PST on Sunday.

Apparently, some of the robbers from the same attack also stole clothes and shoes from a nearby Macy’s in the same mall.

In a similar looting attack also on Sunday, another gang ransacked the yoga clothing store of upmarket brand Lululemon in San Jose.

On Saturday, a gang of dozens of robbers swarmed a Wellspring Pharmacy in Oakland stealing prescriptions.

Also on Saturday, about 80 robbers looted a Nordstrom store in Walnut Creek but the police managed to catch three of them, slapping on them various charges, and declaring the ransacking a case “organized retail theft.”

It has by now become abundantly clear that the level of lawlessness communities across America may sink to is proportional to the control of wokeism and Marxist Democrats that they may have allowed.