Part of the anti-human, inhumane strategy of the Marxists-Communists is to put forth completely absurd propositions.

Hitting Americans with absurdities

These are propositions questioning basic facts that even young children in kindergarten are aware of – the color of the sky, the meaning of simple words, the idea that bad guys should go to prison.

The more absurd the proposition, the better for the lefty Commies – simply because the absurdity is supposed to force regular, patriotic and decent Americans to start questioning and keep questioning everything – their values, their nation, their freedoms, their democracy – and even themselves.

Especially themselves.

That is supposed to achieve Marxism’s greatest goal: the destruction of capitalism, freedom, and democracy, and, respectively, of the United States of America, and its replacement with far-left all-out totalitarian dictatorship powered by Big Tech.

Democrat Rep. Rashida Tlaib of Michigan, one of the six official far-left “Squad” members who have no place in the US Congress whatsoever, has been putting forth and defending one, among many others, such absurd proposition: namely, that their shouldn’t be any prisons.

Where are all the bad guys going to go?

The murderers, the rapists, the arsonists, the drug lords, the human traffickers, the pedophiles?

Rashida doesn’t care.

Well, she does – she wants them out so they can terrorize regular Americans, especially white Americans and any non-white Americans who are brave enough to be American patriots – because the latter group might actually be even more hated by the wokeists than the former.

Luckily, there are still those among us who call a spade a spade, and who are out there in the public space to stand up for the basic notions of truth, justice, and reality.

Widely grinning wokeism

Among those is Jesse Watters, the Fox News host, who has described the America-hating Rashida as a “dangerous idiot” because of her support for a bill entitled BREATHE, which provides for unloading criminals onto society by abolishing federal prisons within 10 years.

In Tuesday’s edition of “The Five” on Fox News, Watters dwelled on Tlaib’s comments before Axios in support of BREATHE right against the backdrop of the anti-white terrorist attack massacre in Waukesha, Wisconsin, where a Darrell Brooks, a black man with 16 offenses, let go on $1,000 bail rammed his car into a Christmas parade killed five dancing grannies and an 8-year-old boy, all of them white, and wounded 47 others.

In her Axios interview, Tlaib was grinning widely as she was asked about letting loose the most dangerous criminals, claiming they just have mental health problem, and need “care” and “rehabilitation”, and whatnot.

As the anyway seemingly wokeist Axios reporter still tried to make the point that maybe prisons shouldn’t be abolished altogether, Rashida kept grinning viciously like some horror movie villain.

Watters is right – because if that isn’t a “dangerous idiot” – then what is?