What a slap in the face for all decent, law-abiding Americans who are funding the entire government and justice system in this country, on all levels!

John Chisolm, the wokeist, pro-“equity” Democrat DA of Milwakee, who has caused a crime spiking disaster, has now said that Darrell Brooks, the violent hardened criminal who just killed 5 and wounded 48 people in Waukesha, shouldn’t have been released on a $1,000 bail a few days ago.

Thank you, wokeist DA Chisolm! You’re the best

Ha-ha. That’s what the wokeist Democrats do.

That’s what they’ve been seeking all along: releasing of violent criminals.

And the American people are reaping the “benefits” – just like the five dead, four of which were from a band of dancing grandmas.

Little did these poor souls know that they will be mowed down in the middle of a Christmas parade by a violent criminal of 16 offenses who had just been let out of jail on a $1,000 bail thanks to a vicious wokeist Democrat DA.

On Monday, Chisolm, instead of hiding in some cave or some underground bomb shelter for the remainder of his disgusting wokeist life, had the cheek to release a statement to admit the obvious: that 39-year-old criminal Brooks just shouldn’t have been let go over a thousand bucks – all the less so considering that he was detained over a hit-and run involving his girlfriend.

58-year-old wokeist DA Chisolm has previously bragged about letting a wokeist NPO, the NYC-based Vera Institute of Justice, campaigning against cash bail to audit his office, and about his efforts to reduce the prison population in his county.

Never mind that in 2020 murders in his area of jurisdiction skyrocketed by 95% compared with 2019, and that 2021 has “successfully” managed to “maintain” the 2020 homicide level.

One of the latest, freshest beneficiaries from Chisolm’s “equity” policies is precisely the wonderful individual going by the name of Darrell Brooks Jr who thought it would be just dandy to mow down some dancing grannies during a Christmas parade – why not if the wokeists are in control and allow and even promote violent crime?

$500-1,000 to get out over all sorts of crimes

Brooks, a registered sex offender who has been arrested 16 times since 1999, actually spend 8 months in jail in July 2020 – February 2021 because he shot at another vehicle but got out after Chisolm’s office dropped his bond from $10,000 to $500.

The justification for that was the hardened criminal who has committed just about any crime possible could be provided fast enough with a trial by the Milwaukee court system.

Brooks was last arrested on November 2 after running over the mother of one of his children with the same SUV that he used in the Waukesha massacre.

Even though he was charged with five counts of severe crimes, on November 19, the hardened criminal was let go on a $1,000 cash bond.

And now, after all that mayhem, Chisolm admitted that Brooks has benefitted from an “inappropriately low” bail.

Now the wokeist DA’s office is “conduct an internal review” blah-blah-blah.

What a disgrace: wokeism is just destroying our country and the guilty white liberal-leftists aren’t even feeling guilty about it – they are only feeling guilty there isn’t more “equity,” respectively more murders of dancing grannies in Christmas parades.