Logic and logical cohesion aren’t exactly the strongest traits of Sleepy Joe “the Democrat President” Biden’s press secretary Jen Psaki.

Neither are fairness, decency, or respect for the truth, apparently, as she has not only attacked President Donald Trump and recently acquitted teen Kyle Rittenhouse as being “white supremacists” but has also defended Biden’s describing the latter as such.

Clearly, if the Biden gang already featured Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist” in a political ad already in 2020, Psaki isn’t going to be able to say something different: she needs to just be out there to parrot the tenets of her far-left cohort.

However, her comments were just all over the place with made-up “white supremacy” accusations, including by involving President Trump’s name in a way that was completely irrelevant to the reporters’ questions.

What does Trump have to do with this?

During her press briefing, Fox News reporter Peter Doocy asked Psaki whether Sleepy Joe intends to ever apologize to the now acquitted Kyle Rittenhouse for portraying him as a white supremacist.

Biden’s press secretary responded as though the question was about Donald Trump.

She declared that Trump not only “didn’t refuse to condemn militias” but also “actively encouraged them” during his presidency.

Not that this is true, actually, but what does it have to do with anything from the question about Biden and Rittenhouse? The feisty Jen wouldn’t tell us.

She got even more confused as she said that Kabul Joe had commented on the verdict by “condemning hatred and division” and groups like “the Proud Boys” with whom “that individual” – apparently a reference to 18-year-old teen Kyle Rittenhouse – had posed in photos.

Psaki then happily declared that “beyond that” she’d leave it to Biden’s comments surrounding the verdict.

She was referring to a photo presented by the prosecutors in the case which is from a Wisconsin bar from January 5 2021, which was the day he was arraigned on the killing charges.

Rightfully blaming Sleepy Joe

In his interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News on Monday, Rittenhouse did blame Joe Biden, and seemingly rightfully so, for the publicity storm surrounding his trial in which he was described as a “racist” and “white supremacist.”

The teen even accused the abysmal Democrat President of “defamation” and “malice”, also, evidently, rightfully so.

Never mind that Rittenhouse was proven to have acted entirely lawfully, in self-defense, or that the men whom he shot and killed where white like himself, and not “of color”.

Facts and objectivity are concepts lost to the orthodox wokeist and Marxist puppet masters running the Biden administration, and their treatment of the trial of Rittenhouse has been outrageous.