Self-Regulations Unfollowed: 10 Times Democrats Abandoned Their COVID-19 Restrictions

1. Nancy’s Hair

Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House, was spotted at a hair appointment in San Francisco. She allegedly stated that she trusted the salon, which she has frequented for years, to comply with proper guidelines. The owner of the salon, however, said Pelosi herself was not even wearing a mask.

2. Lori’s Defense

Mayor Lori Lightfoot beat Pelosi to the hairdo scheme. While the Chicagoan placed strict guidelines for her city, she managed to leave herself out. Lightfoot was outed by a hair stylist. Lori’s defense was her haircut was essential. She felt that as a public figure, she must maintain her appearance despite the restrictions in place.

3. Illinois’ Governor

Illinois was one of the few states on serious lockdown due to COVID-19. The governor, J.B. Pritzker, had no shame when he violated the emergency orders set in place. Despite his regulations, he was caught in a protest. His actions were in direct violation of his outdoor gathering limitations. His excuse was he could not just run away from the crowd.

4. Michigan’s, Too

Michigan’s governor, Gretchen Whitmer, equally felt compelled to protest, which violated COVID-19 restrictions. Ultimately, she claimed to still be within guidelines using masks and hand sanitizer. She also stated it was important to have unified leadership in response to the death of George Floyd.

5. And Pennsylvania’s

Governor Tom Wolf of Pennsylvania was among protestors. Wolf’s health secretary justified his actions saying that social issues are still relevant.

6. Check, Please

Philadelphia’s mayor Jim Kenney was sighted eating inside a restaurant in Maryland. He issued his apologies to local restaurant owners.

7. Even the Big Apple

Governor Andrew Cuomo mandated two-week quarantines for anyone travelling to certain states. While the mandate was present, Cuomo delivered supplies and met with the mayor in Savannah, GA. Cuomo brushed off the incident as no big deal and failed to quarantine stating he is an essential worker and therefore exempt from the travel restrictions.

8. Virginia’s Governor at the Beach

Ralph Northam, the Virginia governor, was spotted on the beach without a face mask. He was allegedly checking on beach enforcement to ensure their compliance with regulations. However, he did state he had no intentions of being within 6 feet of another person.

9. High-Class Exemption

The death of late Representative John Lewis granted exemption for certain attendees at his service in Georgia. While District of Columbia’s mayor Muriel Bowser made her travel quarantine mandate, she exempted people who would be operating under essential government activity.

10. Number 10 Wins

Mayor Bill de Blasio of New York City has been a frontrunner with COVID-19 restrictions. Despite his strict mandates, on the same day he issued restrictions, he was seen going to a public gym. The mayor had also participated in protests for the death of George Floyd.