A Look at the Top Conservative Supreme Court Justices

Although Supreme Court justices are expected to turn a blind eye to politics, the nine justices of the court are typically considered to be conservative, moderate, or liberal by the public. This is usually determined by their way of interpreting the law, their opinions, and what they account for “justice.” Below are a few of the current and former top conservative Supreme Court justices of the United States.

Clarence Thomas

Associate Justice Clarence Thomas has been called the most conservative justice in the history of the Supreme Court. He is widely known for his conservative viewpoints as well as his willingness to voice his opinions. Thomas often supports states’ rights and takes a conservative stance when addressing executive power, the death penalty, free speech, affirmative action, and many other issues. He was nominated to the Supreme Court in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush.

Samuel Alito

Associate Justice Samuel Alito is considered to be one of the best Supreme Court justices nominated by former President George W. Bush. Alito was appointed to the court in 2006 and is known to be one of the most conservative justices even though he does not always take a conservative stance when deciding on cases and controversies. Alito voted in favor of Obamacare as well as gay marriage and is expected to remain on the Supreme Court for several more years.

Antonin Scalia

Former Associate Justice Antonin Scalia served on the Supreme Court from 1986 until his death in 2016. Scalia was known for strongly opposing judicial activism and believed judicial restraint was the way to go. He backed his beliefs by continuously stating that “the Supreme Court is only as effective as the laws created by Congress.” Justice Antonin Scalia was nominated for the Supreme Court by former President Ronald Reagan.

William Rehnquist

Serving from 1972 until 2005, former Chief Justice William Rehnquist became an extremely popular icon for conservatives around the country. He was nominated for the Supreme Court as an associate justice by President Richard Nixon. In 1986, he became chief justice and served in that position until his passing in 2005. Rehnquist strongly supported states’ rights and believed in judicial restraint. Some other issues that he sided with the conservatives on were free speech and religious expression.

Byron White

Former Associate Justice Byron White was one of the justices who dissented in the 1973 abortion case Roe v. Wade. White believed in judicial restraint and continuously showed support for states’ rights. He was nominated to the Supreme Court by former President John F. Kennedy in 1962, but many Democrats considered him to be a letdown. White briefly mentioned that his time serving under Chief Justice William Rehnquist, a conservative-leaning justice, was the most pleasant experience when compared to his time spent under Chief Justice Earl Warren, a liberal-leaning justice. White retired in 1993.