Democrats Seethe as the Senate Moves to Confirm Judges

President Trump continues to be hard at work in securing the court system for the conservatives and frustrating Democrats’ attempts to demand activist judges. As the president of the United States, Trump has the right to nominate who he wants for judicial openings, and the Senate advises and confirms. This has not changed regardless of any election and will remain the same until at least January.

Recently, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to recommend confirmation of a federal appeals court nominee to the seat vacated by Amy Coney Barrett when she ascended to the Supreme Court. In addition, the Senate will also vote on three district court nominees as the number of judges appointed by Trump and confirmed by the Senate rises well north of 200.

Democrats Will Not Be Able to Appoint Their Own Judges

For the Democrats, the more judges that Trump puts on the bench, the more their chance to remake the federal judiciary in their image with radical judges legislating from the bench diminishes. This is precisely why the Democrats are frustrated. At this point, President Trump has appointed roughly one in every four federal judges along with three Supreme Court justices. Even if Biden ultimately wins the election, his room to appoint judges of his own is sharply curtailed. Thanks to President Trump’s nominations, there will be very few judicial openings for a long time.

While some have accused the Republicans of packing the courts, others say they were merely fixing the problem of activist judges dominating the bench and balancing the court with conservative principles. Courts will now merely respect the rule of law in their opinions as opposed to making laws themselves. It is Congress that makes laws, and the courts interpret them. This is the balance that President Trump wanted to restore.

There Will Be Conservative Constraints on the Biden Agenda

The Democrats are continuing to complain because they see a real check on their possible agenda if Biden ends up in the White House. Conservative judges will ensure that a Biden administration respects the laws and does not overreach. Every new judge who gets confirmed is one more in line with the conservative defense of the rule of law. With a Republican in the White House and GOP control in the Senate, the Democrats have to sit and watch this happen in slow motion. All they can do is complain about it, and this is exactly what they are doing with loud volume.

Republicans can and will continue to confirm judges right up until the time that they no longer control the White House. There is nothing in the Constitution that curtails President Trump’s right to do his job. He can continue to work for the American people right up until the last minute of his term.

President Trump will continue working for the country until his final day as president. Simply stated, that is making the Democrats venomously mad.