The Justice Department is investigating Hunter Biden, the son of US presidential candidate Joe Biden, who was declared president by the media, for illegal actions and corruption.

That investigation began long before the presidential campaign - in 2018, but the mainstream media actively silenced the investigation during the presidential campaign.

Nearly 10 percent of respondents in last month’s poll said they would not have voted for Biden had they been aware of his son’s relationship with officials and companies in China, Ukraine and Russia.

The media’s justification for not following this story is that they did not want to directly influence the election results. But as the results of this poll suggest, they did just that.

Hunter Biden’s tax investigation also includes a gift given to him in 2017 by Ye Jianming, founder of energy company CEFC China Energy Co.

Ye Jianming is mentioned in an audio recording of Biden’s conversation in which Hunter mentions Patrick Ho, who was a former secretary of the interior in Hong Kong, as a “Chinese spy boss,” complaining that his business partner Ye Jianming has disappeared.

CNN reported that Hunter Biden received a 2.8-carat diamond as a gift from Ye Jianming.

Furthermore, The New York Post published emails in October proving that Hunter Biden introduced his father, then US Vice President, to the CEO of a Ukrainian energy company. A year after that, senior Biden started pressuring government officials in Ukraine to fire the official who investigated that company.

The New York Post also reported that the materials include a 12-minute video of Hunter’s confession that he fights addiction, smokes crack and engages in a sexual act with an unidentified woman, as well as numerous other sexually explicit images that were subsequently released.

Twitter blocked The New York Post’s account, and mainstream media ignored the scandalous content about Hunter Biden, accusing it of Russian propaganda.

After the election, ironically, the same media published new details about the mentioned cases.

Glenn Greenwald, founder and co-owner of The Intercept, also spoke about media censorship.

He was censored on his own website for trying to publish a revelation about Hunter Biden during the presidential campaign.

“We need to recognize what a historic crime and disgrace this is,” Greenwald began, “not only in journalism, but as soon as these [Hunter Biden] documents became known, the operatives in the intelligence community, the CIA, [former CIA Director] John Brennan, [former Director of National Intelligence] James Clapper, [former NSA Director] Michael Hayden – all of the standard professional liars – issued a letter claiming that this material was the hallmark of Russian disinformation, even though they had no basis for thinking that.

“And that gave the media permission to lie to the public continuously and Silicon Valley [permission] to censor these materials,” Greenwald told Fox News.

We can only hope that the legal institutions will do their job and that the investigation will be conducted properly.