Michigan’s Matt Seely on How President Trump Could Win in the End

As the media moves quickly to announce Trump losing the presidential election, there is more to the entire thing. Michigan councilman Matt Seely has gone into detail to describe how the race for the seat is not over. He says we should not dismiss Trump as president just yet. There are various reasons why Trump’s supporters should keep hope alive.

What’s Next?

On Jan. 6, the House members will sit down alongside Nancy Pelosi, who no longer has authority over the matter. Vice president Mike Pence will have a chance to act as president of the Senate for the day. He will accept or reject motions on deciding the next steps by the assembly.

The votes will get opened, and the House members have the chance to object to the vice president on the state of the election’s votes. The objection could be on the basis of fraud or any other reason. If this objection gets a seconding, then everything will change.

The Aftermath

The House and Senate will break for two hours to deliberate. Once this is done, there will be a vote. One vote per senator in the Senate. Where the need is, the vice president will be the deciding vote. Voting in the House is one vote per delegation, not per House member. The Republicans have 30 delegation votes compared to the 20 the Democrats have. According to Seely, Trump will get re-elected in this scenario.

The Democrats and the media will go crazy if this happens.

Trump is following the legal channels to open up a path to victory. Do not be fooled by everything the media tells you. Our forefathers knew such a thing would happen and put measures in place for it. Read the constitution to know the laws, policies, and procedures.