Duplicating Votes Possible After Dominion Voting Systems Ignores Security Threats

Kyle Becker, a top writer and producer for the “Sean Hannity Show,” says there is definitive evidence that Dominion Voting Systems knew that votes cast on their machines could be changed by entering the data tables and that there is no record of when someone makes a change on these tables.

Officials Can Make Changes to System Without Any Record

Officials on many different levels, including vendors, election officials and others, are given access to the tables. Additionally, flash drives and server access can also be used to change votes.

Security Issues Known Ahead of Presidential Election

Becker goes on to point out that this information was known before the 2020 election. Eric Coomer, director of product security and strategy for Dominion Voting Systems, is shown in a 2017 video on YouTube showing how votes can be switched in the system without leaving a trace of evidence.

Coffee County, Georgia

In the case of Coffee County, Georgia, votes were ordered recounted after election official Misty Martin told the secretary of state’s office that she was not sure if she accidentally used Dominion Voting Systems to count the same set of ballots twice. Under Georgia law, Ms. Martin had until December 2 to complete the recount. She called the secretary of state’s office on that day and said that she could still not certify their election because she was having trouble with the Dominion software. The secretary of state suggested that Dominion send an official to help her.

Dominion Official Tells Coffee, Georgia, Official to Go Home

The official contacted Ms. Martin and told her to go home and that he would help her on Monday. Ms. Martin was seen in a video counting ballots twice without sending off alarms in the system and was still allowed to adjudicate the results.