Republican Senator Ron Johnson Explodes on Democratic Ranking Member Gary Peters in Contentious Homeland Security Committee Meeting

A Senate Homeland Security Committee was anything but business as usual when Chairman Ron Johnson attacked Gary Peters, accusing him of lying and pushing the Russian disinformation agenda.

Argument Centers on Who Is at Fault for Russian Disinformation

The heated exchange happened during Wednesday’s hearing regarding the alleged irregularities surrounding the 2020 presidential election. Johnson was clearly not happy with the Democratic ranking member’s claims that he had been advancing mistruths about Hunter Biden, the son of President-elect Joe Biden. Johnson fired back that it was actually Peters who had been lying about Russia’s involvement in the election. As Johnson is a Republican Party leader, his words carry a significant amount of weight.

Johnson Accuses Democratic Leadership of Hypocrisy

Johnson’s primary point of contention was that senior leaders of the Democratic Party continue to push false intelligence reports, taking away from the business of the nation. During the pointed onslaught, Johnson also defended his colleague, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley. Johnson clearly pointed out that the biggest offenders of Russian disinformation were former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee (DNC), and the Steele dossier.

Johnson Pushes Through Peters’ Attempts to Deflect

When Peters attempted to avert the attack, Johnson did not let up in his accusation that the lawmaker from Michigan had been repeatedly lying to the press and spreading the false information. Peters deflected by saying that it was terrible what Johnson was doing to the committee. However, Johnson responded that he felt compelled to respond because nothing could be further from the truth.