President Trump Pushes for a Hunter Biden Investigation

President Trump reportedly wants a special prosecutor to probe into Hunter Biden’s tax issues and other potential crimes. Biden himself acknowledged that federal authorities have been investigating him for at least two years. It’s the latest in a long line of controversies surrounding Joe Biden’s troubled son. He’s also being investigated by the Justice Department for his business dealings in China and Ukraine.

Why Does Trump Want Special Counsel for the Biden Situation?

If Joe Biden takes office in January, it creates a conflict of interest—and opens Biden to accusations of interfering in his son’s case. The Biden administration could potentially pressure the Justice Department to drop or delay its investigation. A special prosecutor would be impartial.

It would also be more difficult to end or derail the investigation. Special prosecutors aren’t easy to remove. Joe Biden’s pick for attorney general would only be able to remove the counsel for misconduct or a conflict of interest, and the attorney general would have to put those reasons in writing.

Will the Attorney General Appoint a Special Counsel?

The new attorney general, Jeffrey Rosen, wouldn’t comment when asked about a potential Hunter Biden investigation. If President Trump truly wishes to push forward with a special counsel, he could potentially replace Rosen.

Does Trump Actually Want a Special Counsel?

There are conflicting reports on this. Initial reports were that the president had consulted with multiple advisors, including his chief of staff, about the issue. However, on Thursday, President Trump himself tweeted that this was “fake news.” He said that he has “nothing to do with the potential prosecution of Hunter Biden.” He went on to call the whole situation “sad.”