Antrim County Recount Confirms Serious Errors Caused by Dominion Machines

A forensic audit of Antrim County’s voting machines confirmed severe errors in the election night reports that former Vice President Joe Biden beat Donald Trump. This audit adds to the growing evidence that machines controlled by Dominion Voting Systems are unreliable, tools for fraud, or both.

Antrim County’s Red Voting History

Many observers seriously doubted Antrim County’s election night reports of a Biden lead. Antrim County’s voting history places it squarely in the red corner. In every election since 2000, Antrim County voted Republican.

However, on election night, Antrim County reported that Joe Biden prevailed by a large margin. Candidates on down-ballot races also reported discrepancies. Subsequent hand recounts showed President Trump winning by 3,800 votes, close to his winning margin in 2016.

Forensic Audit of Antrim County Machines Finds Deliberate Fraud

Allied Security Operations Group conducted a forensic audit of Dominion’s voting machines used by Antrim County. The report concluded that “the system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors.”

The report explained that the intentional error rate was designed to force the tabulation of ballots by humans. According to the report, moving the counting to humans allows counting of votes without sufficient means of verifying the count’s accuracy, creating opportunities for fraud.

Republicans Allege Widespread Fraud Through Dominion Machines

Republicans allege that several swing states, most notably Pennsylvania and Michigan, capitalized on the Dominion errors to introduce fraudulent ballots. Reports of counting being conducted in secret and ballots arriving from unverified sources continue to surface. Republicans hope that the Antrim County machines audit leads to a broader audit of Dominion machines in swing states.