D.C. Mayor Bowser Declares December 24 Dr. Fauci Day

Only 12 days after President Trump signed an executive order making Christmas Eve a federal holiday, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser proclaimed it Dr. Fauci Day in the district. Dr. Anthony Fauci turns 80 years old on Christmas Eve.

Served Since 1984

Dr. Fauci, who the public has become very familiar with throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, has been the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since 1984. He has been a citizen of Washington, D.C., since 1977, and he has served under six presidents. If Biden becomes president, he has announced that he will make Fauci his chief medical advisor.

Washington Nationals Snafu

Fauci has been given other honors in the city during the pandemic. He threw out the first pitch when the Washington Nationals took to the field against the Yankees in July. Then, he settled into the stands without his mask on to enjoy the game while interacting with two fans who were not part of his household.

Fauci Pouchy

The Capo Italian Deli has named a drink served in a to-go pouch after him, calling it the Fauci Pouchy. The original formula contained vodka, mint lemonade, elderflower, and grapefruit, but it has changed several times depending on what the bar and restaurant had in stock.

Celebrating at Home

While Fauci traditionally eats an Italian dinner on his birthday at his sister’s house, he says that he will stay home with his wife this year. He is calling on other Americans to do the same thing.

Peace has not always reigned between Fauci and President Trump. On December 22, while receiving his vaccine, Fauci said that he was tired of the mixed messages that Trump, who has called the doctor an idiot and a disaster, has sent the American public.