It was a tragic Christmas morning in Nashville when a bomb ripped through the downtown area, sending a few individuals to the hospital with injuries. Democratic Mayor John Cooper certainly did not make the situation any better after he laughed in an interview just hours after the bombing.

Details of Bombing

The bombing happened just after dawn on Christmas morning. While it has not been confirmed to be related to the explosion, human remains were thought to be found at the bomb site. Because the bombing happened right in front of a critical AT&T facility, phone and internet service was disrupted for up to 180 miles from the site of the attack. There have been no arrests made in the bombing, but Anthony Warner has since been identified as the suspected bomber.

Interview With Mayor Shows His Insensitivity

Shortly after the explosion, Mayor Cooper was interviewed by a local television station. During the interview, the mayor spoke about the work that investigators would do to learn more details about the explosion. The mayor then let out an audible laugh before seamlessly moving on to a discussion about the resulting water main breaks.

Laughing Draws Intense Criticism

It did not take long for the social media universe to explode in anger about the mayor’s apparent insensitivity to the developing situation. Users on Instagram and Twitter immediately began sharing the clip of the mayor laughing during this time of crisis for the city. It has not been an easy year for Cooper or the city of Nashville. The mayor has already drawn the ire of many because of how he has handled the COVID-19 pandemic.