Despite the media’s—and social media’s—hysterically heavy-handed attempts to suppress the stories relating to Hunter Biden, it has been incontrovertibly demonstrated that the son of the former vice president made corrupt financial deals in countries from China to Ukraine.

Thanks to what people have found on what President Trump has called “the laptop from hell,” we further know that Hunter Biden was involved in enormous amounts of riotous and drug-laced sex with prostitutes and even, allegedly, his own family members.

Further looks at Hunter’s laptop, though, have uncovered that he was the likely target of a Chinese honeypot operation and that the Chinese Communist Party was supplying him and his family with information on how his father could defeat President Trump in the 2020 election.

Hunter’s Business Deals and Chinese Intelligence

Hidden away in a trove of thousands of Hunter’s emails—all of which, thankfully, were saved on the laptop that he left behind in a Delaware repair shop—are a few emails, documents, videos, and other encrypted files showing that Hunter Biden was in contact with a woman known as JiaQi.

JiaQi—also going by names like JiaQi Bao, JiaQi Wang, and JiaQi Wang Bao—is a U.S.-based assistant and advisor to Ye Jianming. Ye Jianming was once the head of a Chinese energy conglomerate called CEFC China Energy. Hunter Biden and Jim Biden, the former vice president’s brother, were involved in business deals with CEFC.

More importantly, Jianming, his staff, and his company are known to have had deep and extensive ties to Chinese intelligence officials. JiaQi is almost certainly among those with such connections.

Honeypotting Hunter

Why does all of this matter? It matters because Hunter Biden and JiaQi are known to have had a sexual relationship. It’s fairly clear that she was almost certainly used as a Chinese intelligence asset to spy on Hunter, manipulate him, and extract information from him.

Furthermore, the CCP, through JiaQi, was sending Hunter information on how his father could beat President Trump in the 2020 election. A document found amid Hunter’s emails shows the CCP giving him pointers on how to handle any media criticism that might come his way over his sexual proclivities and corrupt business practices.

The document advises Hunter, for example, to insist that he is proud of his time as a lawyer and business executive, despite his utter lack of skill and experience in these fields and despite the fact that he almost certainly owes such work to nepotism.

The document further advises him to pivot from nepotism accusations and accuse Trump and his family of doing that very thing. It also tells him to insist, no matter what, that his private sexual activities are his own business.

But when a presidential candidate’s own son is so blatantly corrupt and compromised, his activities clearly become the public’s business.